$ 14.00

A stellar cast, performing musical numbers by the immortal Eubie Blake, creates entertainment that's as good as it gets! This live on stage performance, which includes the wonderful Hines brothers, Gregory and Maurice, fairly crackles with talent and show-stopping songs, dance, and wit. In his long career--he lived to see 100 years--Eubie Blake wrote hundreds of songs, one of the best known, "I'm Just Wild About Harry", performed in this brilliant tribute to an amazing showman. Blake lived to see this show performed, and, in his 90's, played the piano on "Saturday Night Live" while Gregory Hines danced to a medley of his tunes. I still remember Mr. Blake's long, supple fingers twinkling over the keys, never missing a note or a beat, as the multi-talented Greg Hines danced and sang along. For sheer delight, period charm, and astonishing musical variety--ranging from the funny and risque "My Handyman Ain't Handy No More" to the haunting and beautiful "Memories of You"--this classic performance is one you will remember all your life. Not to be missed--highly recommended!