$ 21.00

Hosted by Gene Kelly. ñHallelujah Hollywood, conceived, produced, and directed by Don Arden, was a 3 million dollar tribute to classic MGM Hollywood musicals which played The Ziegfeld Room (which at the time was the largest stage in the world, with the largest backstage area in the world), at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The show opened in 1974, and ran until 1980. Its flamboyant finale was a tribute to the Ziegfeld Follies, featuring The Grand Stairway and The Great Ziegfeld Walk. The show was comprised of over a 700 costumes (designed by Ray Aghayan and Bob Mackie), at least three costume changes for each cast member for each number. ñFlorenz Ziegfeld in his wildest dreams,î wrote one reviewer, ñcould not have conceived anything as grand and glorious.î ñTo sum it up,î a review in Playboy wrote, "Hallelujah Hollywood! is everything old Hollywood has come to represent„glitter, gaudiness, glamour„turned out with that special perversity only Vegas can provide.î This was filmed at the closing performance of the long running and popular show for HBO. About an hour. (Also included on the disc: Cher, In Concert At The Monte-Carlo Sporting Club 6/20/80).