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October 14, 1957: "The 75th Anniversary Show of Standard Oil of New Jersey (NBC, 9 p.m.), which was said to have as its theme: 'The Wonders of Today and the promise of Tomorrow,' was a slick variety show featuring some of yesterday's best-loved TV acts....the sets on the 75th Anniversary Show were lavish indeed and some of the staging by theater veteran Cyril Ritchard was unique. Tyrone Power, the film idol, was the host and spokesman for the birthday celebration. He introduced the numbers and paid tribute to Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) which, of course, paid the bills....Jimmy Durante was on hand with a bevy of beautiful girls in satin gowns; Donald O'Connor and Sid Miller did one of their Tin Pan Alley spoofs on a horror-musical and Bert Lahr and Durante exchanged quips in a nostalgic duet. Also in the smooth variety show were Jane Powell (in satin), Marge and Gower Champion, Duke Ellington and his orchestra, comedian Eddie Mayehoff and the energetic Kay Thompson. Art Buchwald, syndicated columnist, was brought over from France to introduce a number--which shows how far TV is willing to go to get fresh new faces....Ronald Searle, British caricaturist, introduced a cartoon of his own making ... Wisa D'Orsa and a group danced to the sounds of radar and Sputnik's beeps.... [The show was] expertly put together."