Stories of the Century TV-PG - Western | TV Series (1954) 5 DVDS

$ 29.00

This is an interesting series that takes real life people (Jesse James, John Wesley Hardin, etc)...and dramatizes part of their real story with a continuing series character taking part in that story. Railroad Detective "Matt Clark" -- takes a role in tracking down famous outlaws from the Old West in stories that are at least partly based on the true accounts. In that sense, it's almost an anthology series, and as someone else pointed out, this odd structure poses some timeline conflicts with the real events, but it's a fun series with plenty of action to satisfy a western-hungry 1950's audience -- and it still holds up pretty well 55 years later. Clark cuts a powerful figure in his western gear as he goes up against some of history's baddest baddies. And his girl-sidekick Frankie is quite a dish. If you're a western fan, be sure to check it out if you have a chance.




Billy The Kid
The Wild Bunch of Wyoming
Chief Crazy Horse
Sam Bass
Bill Longley
The Doolin Gang
Black Jack Ketchum
John Wesley Hardin
Nate Champion
Rube Burrows
Sontag and Evans
Frank and Jesse James
The Dalton Gang
Cherokee Bill
Henry Plummer
Tom Horn
Kate Bender
Jim Courtright
Augustine Chacon
Joaquin Murietta
L.H. Musgrove
Doc Holliday
Black Jack
Johnny Ringo
Judge Roy Bean: The Eyes of Texas
Jack Slade
Belle Starr
Tiburcio Vasquez
Ben Thompson
Burt Alvord
Harry Tracy
Quantrill and His Raiders
Black Bart
Apache Kid
Cattle Kate
Clay Allison
Little Britches
The Younger Brothers
Judge Roy Bean: Sunburnt Gold
Tom Bell
Milt Sharp