Studio One - EPISODE: THE MEDIUM (Season 1, Episode 3)

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EPISODE 1: THE MEDIUM: Madame Flora conducts bogus seances to bilk grieving parents, but during one seance she feels hands around her neck and panics.

Director: Paul Nickell
Story (Music) by Gian Carlo Menotti
Cast: Maria Powers, Bevery Dame, Anna Maria Alberghetti
Original Air Date: 12 December 1948 (Season 1, Episode 3)

Studio One TV Series Description:

Studio One is an American radio–television anthology drama series, created in 1947 by Canadian director Fletcher Markle, who came to CBS from the CBC.

In 1948, Markle made a leap from radio to television. Sponsored by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, the television series was seen on CBS (which Westinghouse later owned between 1995 and 2000), from 1948 through 1958, under several variant titles: Studio One Summer Theatre, Studio One in Hollywood, Summer Theatre, Westinghouse Studio One and Westinghouse Summer Theatre. It was telecast in black-and-white only.

Worthington Miner, Martin Manulis and others produced. As spokeswoman for Westinghouse, Betty Furness became strongly identified with Westinghouse products, and she also was seen in eight Studio One dramas. The show's musical directors were Milton C. Anderson, who also created music for Playhouse 90, and Eugene Cines. The show's run ended when Westinghouse switched its sponsorship to the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, which premiered in 1958. The series finished at #24 in the Nielsen ratings for the 1950-1951 season.