Telephone Time 1956 - ( 3 episodes) - 1 DVD

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Telephone Time 1956 ( 3 episodes) 1 DVD

The plays presented in this film series had all been adapted from short stories by author John Nesbitt, who also served as host of the show, introducing each episode. The subject matter ranged from contemporary to historical, with emphasis on the varied natures and qualities of people, both good and bad. He remained as the host of the series when it moved from CBS to ABC in the spring of 1957. By that time the works of other authors had been included among the presentations. He was replaced as host in September 1957 by Dr. Frank Baxter. Another wonderful gem from the Golden Era of TV a must see for fans!

The program showcased the talents of actors and actresses such as Bette Davis, Florenz Ames, Greer Garson, Joseph Cotten, Claudette Colbert, Michael Landon, Cloris Leachman, Johnny Crawford, Katherine Warren, Joel Grey, Fay Wray, Thomas Mitchell, Wright King, Strother Martin, Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff, John Carradine, Helen Wallace, and Michael Winkelman. Famed circus performer Emmett Kelly made his dramatic debut in the presentation Captain from Kopenick. Famed radio star Michael Raffetto appeared in the "Vicksburg, 5:35 PM" episode as Joe Palermo (1956).

Directed by

Lewis Allen (director)
Laszlo Benedek
Robert Florey
Peter Godfrey (director)
Christian Nyby
Arthur Hiller
Don Taylor (American actor and director)
Peter Tewksbury
Presented by John Nesbitt (1956)
Frank C. Baxter (1957–1958)